Bio-based fuels and chemical production
​The ability to produce low-cost fermentable sugar at large scale will enable the economic viability of advanced bio-based fuels, chemicals, and polymers.  United Catalyst is developing catalyst and process technology with the goal of producing low-cost fermentable sugars from non-food agricultural byproducts like cornstover, woody biomass and energy crops.  Our patented CHIPs act as artificial enzymes that, when mixed with cellulosic biomass at high temperatures, permit the efficient release and separation of glucose. 

Other Agricultural Applications 
Other applications being developed include the conversion of sugar oligomers and monomers from agricultural products--both food and non-food byproducts like those resulting from wood pulping, cotton ginning, rice processing, and similar industrial process waste.

Cellulosic Fiber Modification 
CHIPs technology will also impact process economics in cases where cellulosic and hemicellulosic fibers are modified and/or eliminated.  Examples include the processing of dissolving pulps for non-woven materials, and the production of nano-crystalline cellulose.


 Enabling scalable and low-cost conversion of cellulosic biomass 

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