Stephen Roth, PhD, Founding Principal, Chief Science Officer
An academic enzymologist specializing in synthesis and hydrolysis of complex carbohydrates, Dr. Roth joined the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University (1970-1980).  He moved to the University of Pennsylvania in 1980 where he was professor of biology (1980-1992) and department chair (1982-1987).  Dr. Roth left Penn in 1992 to start Neose Technologies.  As CEO and chairman, he took Neose public in 1996.  After retiring from Neose in 2003, Dr. Roth became CEO of Immune Control Inc. in 2003, from which he retired again in 2011 when Immune Control merged with Arginetix to form Corridor Pharmaceuticals.
Beth Stewart, Member of Board of Managers 
A technology commercialization and business development professional, Ms. Stewart has 14 years of experience with General Electric in various leadership roles managing new product development, industrial product marketing, technology transfer, and IP licensing. Her global team leadership and industry experience includes plastics, clean energy and energy efficiency, electronics and healthcare technologies. Ms. Stewart joined United Catalyst in July of 2011.
Jacob Goldsmith, PhD. Senior Chemist
Dr. Jacob Goldsmith specializes in materials science.  Jacob graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Ph.D. in chemistry.  He has since done two post doctoral projects, one at University of Kentucky and the other at University of Michigan.  Jacob has publication in the fields of solid state chemistry, catalysis, and porous materials.
Marjorie Hart, Investor Member of the Board of Managers
A graduate of Cornell University in Chemical Engineering, spent a full career with Exxon Corporation, research engineer (patent holder), corporate planning and marketing including assignments in Tokyo and London. She later served Senior Advisor in Energy Policy, and Senior Adviser in the Natural Gas function for Exxon’s Eastern Hemisphere natural gas marketing projects.
Recent professional work involves strategic planning for new emission control technologies for power plants and diesel engines; environmental advisor for natural gas consulting group serving the Northeast utility market; and general strategy for both commercial and not-for-profit development. She is also a member of Golden Seeds angel investors. 

Len Keck, Advisor
A dynamic global project manager and engineering leader with 43 years domestic and international experience in metal and plastic recycling, bio-fuel production, polymer, and pharmaceutical firms. A manufacturing plant builder with materials-handling and industrial energy expertise, Len has managed capital investment and manufacturing projects in energy conservation, industrial waste-to-energy, and bulk solid material processing.

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