CHIPs Technology


 Enabling scalable and low-cost conversion of cellulosic biomass 

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We are currently developing bench-scale process design criteria across a variety of feedstock.  

CHIPs, Cellulose Hydrolyzing Imprinted Polymers, are inorganic catalysts used for cellulose hydrolysis.  Our novel catalysts act as artificial enzymes to convert cellulosic biomass to its  fermentable sugars. 

Our business model 

CHIPs are produced by our manufacturing partners, and will be sold directly by United Catalyst into licensed process designs for each client's specific feedstock and application. 

The Science Behind CHIPs    
CHIPs, are mesoporous silica-based particles that are molecularly imprinted with cellulose, and these novel imprints provide for superior catalytic performance. At high temperatures, the imprints attract cellulose molecules, and break their glucosidic bonds thereby releasing glucose monomers. 

Residence time:    

​Optimized for a recycling process, CHIPs may be re-used for long periods of time, in batch reactors, and in continuous reactor designs.

High temperature processing: 

Aqueous solution process temperatures of 120C+ provide for an aseptic glucose stream going into fermentation, and decrease cooling required after steam explosion.

Elimination of Dilute Acid pretreatment: 

Steam explosion processes with NO dilute acid, nor alkaline pretreatment will allow for lower capital and operating costs. 

Storage and handling: 

Manufacturing, shipping, and handling logistics can be greatly reduced as CHIPs can be transported as dry goods.